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What is an Xtreme Cowboy event? 

  • The Ontario Xtreme Cowboy (OXC) is an event that challenges both horse and rider to maneuver through a series of trail & ranch-based obstacles demonstrating both horsemanship and speed.


Does my horse need to have specialized training? 

  • No. Horses of all breeds with little or no specialized training are encouraged to participate. Two of the primary purposes of the sport are to have fun with your horse while improving your horsemanship. 


Are there clothing or tack requirements?

  • For all OXC sanctioned races, OXC will follow EXCA rules with regards to tack rules and dress code. Traditional Western attire or Australian Stock attire is required. All tack must be traditional Western or Australian unless stated differently for a specific event.
    NOTE: Any exception to EXCA rules will be announced per race, as such for the following divisions; Young Guns, Youth and Novice Divisions only, to allow English tack. (Some restrictions will apply. Contact the OXC Office for full rules.)


Where can I find the rules?

  • OXC is an affiliate of the EXCA and, as such, follows the EXCA rulebook and guidelines for all EXCA sanctioned events. 


Are all OXC courses the same?

  • No. This is what makes OXC such a fun and interesting event! The obstacles, terrain and length of the courses will vary for each event.


What does an OXC membership cost?

  • 2022 Adult Membership: $50.00

  • 2022 Junior Membership: $30.00
    (Junior Membership is 18 and Under as of January 1st of membership year.)

  • 2022 Family Membership: $70.00
    (Family Membership consists of 2 Adult Membership and any number of Junior Memberships living in the home.)

  • See our MEMBERSHIP page for a membership application form and details on joining the OXC.


How is an OXC event scored?

  • A score is given for each obstacle which is then tallied into an overall horsemanship score.  The horsemanship score is combined with the time taken to complete the course for an overall score.

  • Obstacle scores are awarded for the approach to the obstacle, the obstacle itself and the departure from the obstacle.


Where can I see an Extreme Cowboy Association event?

  • Please see the events page for local OXC events.


Can I have an OXC event at my facility?

  • Yes. Once you have joined OXC, you may host a sanctioned event.  
    Contact one of the OXC Board of Directors for more information. 


What Divisions are offered at OXC Events?

  • In 2022 OXC offers all EXCA point divisions at EXCA sanctioned events.


Frequently Asked Questions

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