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OXC Board of Directors

 President's Message:


Dear OXC Members,

I am excited to represent our club for the 2022-2023 show seasons. Thank you to all of our sponsors, riders and volunteers that help continue and grow our sport. I look forward to seeing everyone at the races.

"Ride Fast, Ride Hard & Ride Safe."
- Jamie Newton. 2022-23 OXC President.

Contact Us

OXC President

Jamie Newton

Secretary Treasurer

Shelley Towns-Newton

Communications Director

John Blodgett

Youth Director

Kerrington Johnston

Fundraising Coordinators

Leianne West

Tracey Thompson

Chantelle Croteau

Regional Directors

North and East

Shelly Lendt 

Central and South

Josie Rowling

EXCA Affiliates Directors

Rosemarie Huxted

Aces High Extreme Cowboy

Samantha McFadyen

Saints and Sinners Cowboy Club

Susan Caldwell

Grass Roots Extreme Cowboy

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