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January & February Skills Challenge

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

The Ontario Xtreme Cowboy Club offers monthly skill challenges for members to stay active and practice their cowboy skills during the months the club does not host any shows. Each month a different skill is showcased! Participating in the OXC Skill Challenges is a great way to give our sport a try and have some fun! Members can record their attempt at the challenge and submit for a chance to win prizes!

The three divisions that are offered for the OXC Skill Challenges are; 1. Youth 2. Adult 3. Creative

If you choose to join in on the fun, remember to treat the obstacles like they are a part of your OXC race! Entry, task, departure and dress code (weather depending) all count!

January - The BACK-THROUGH Youth: Megan Mongeau and Stormy

Adult: Julia Durham and Pep Creative: Franny Galvin-Hynes and Nova

February - The DRAG Entries Closed.

Winners to be announced!

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