Thank you for taking part in the
OXC Xtreme Skill Challenge
in April!

Congrats to our OXC Winners!!!

1) Youth - Hannah W. (via Facebook)

2) Adult - Mackenzie K. (via Facebook)

3) Creative - Josie R. (via Facebook)
for sending around over a bridge.

Please contact Shelley Towns-Newton at the OXC office to claim your OXC prize!!!

Stay tuned for the next OXC Membership Challenge!

OXC Xtreme Skill Challenge Contest Information

- All entrants must be current members of OXC.
There are 4 types of OXC Memberships available, including single day membership for $15.00 to be eligible.

- The OXC Xtreme Skill Challenge ends at 11:59pm on April 30th.

- Winners will be judge based on difficulty, creativity and proper execution of the skill.
Videos will be reviewed by select OXC Board of Directors.

- The winner is responsible for making arrangements for all costs of pick up or delivery of prize.

- Each of the three available categories (Youth / Adult / Most Creative) will have the chance to win a limited edition OXC T-Shirt made by Luna Moon Designs, and donated by Josie Rowling. As well as also a second OXC Swag T-Shirt!

- By choosing to enter the challenge, your are agreeing to the OXC club using your name and / or photo for promotional purposes of the OXC club.

- Chances of winning will depend on amount of members at the end of the month.

- Submit your PUBLIC video by posting it on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and tag us using #OXCSendAroundChallenge


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